Welcome to ExpressUI

ExpressUI is an open-source framework that helps you deliver applications faster and more cheaply than you ever imagined possible. No other framework helps you deliver so much functionality with so little code.

ExpressUI employs three strategies for enabling unprecedented levels of productivity:

  • Data Smart – rich UI components intelligently handle common data tasks such as searching, sorting, paging through results, form editing, validating and formatting data, navigating relationships, applying security permissions, even exporting to Excel. No need to reinvent the wheel for coding yet another “CRUD” application.
  • Lightweight – applications can be developed in a lightweight environment but deployed in a typical enterprise architecture. ExpressUI allows you to deploy and test changes with minimal friction. All application code is written in pure Java. No HTML, no JavaScript, no JSF or no JSPs.
  • Domain Driven - ExpressUI takes care of the “plumbing” of technology integration, from the database to the UI. The only code you write is code related to your business domain.

Learning ExpressUI can be done in minutes, not days. Check out the live demo, now annotated with code popups that show just how simple writing applications can be!